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Hey, what's the deal - do you sell t-shirts or sandwiches?

We make t-shirts - but like a deli, you can customize everything about your new shirt. Choose a shirt style and size, pick the font that suits you best, and hold the lettuce. After we cook it up, your shirt will be rolled and wrapped in butcher paper, and served with delicious potato chips.

I fear the internet and want to come in and see you guys - where are your locations?

You can find our store hours and more specific directions here.

When is The T-Shirt Deli coming to my town?

Do you live in Chicago? Then here we are! For those of you outside the Chicago area, feel free to order online and have fresh shirts shipped straight to your door. Please stay tuned and we will keep everyone informed of our expansion.

I just love The T-Shirt Deli - can I franchise one in my hood?

The T-Shirt Deli, Co. is a privately owned and operated company, using proprietary patent pending methods - there are no opportunities for franchise at this point. However if you wish to submit a proposal - we cannot reply to all of them - but if it intrigues us- we will contact you.

My dog loves t-shirts too - can we bring her in?

You can order doggie tees online, or find them in our Chicago store. Since we don't serve real food (shhh!), we can welcome dogs at our Chicago location. And if you are shopping in our online store, then your dog is probably under the desk, waiting patiently at your feet, hoping that you will finally get her that shirt that says "I LOVE CATS".

Custom Images

Oh boy oh boy! How do I do it?

Prepare your image for transfer by saving it as a .jpg, .tif, or .pdf. Please do not send Word documents or other text-based files that may not translate the correct fonts. Remember - the higher the quality of your file, the better it will look on your shirt. If you send us a tiny 1 inch image of a tooth that you found somewhere on the web, it will NOT look good blown up to 8x8 and stretched across your chest. Any time we enlarge an image it loses quality DRAMATICALLY, and you will not enjoy the results, so start with a bigger picture of a tooth and work from there.

Awesome - so I can make my very own shirt with SpongeBob sitting on a Nike swoosh?

Not at all. We cannot reproduce images that are trademarked or copyrighted, no exceptions, period. That includes corporate logos, most celebrity photos, newspaper clippings, old rock and roll shirt designs, etcetera. However, if you (or the company you represent) own the copyright to your own design or logo, we can certainly put that on your shirt. Because of this restriction, we really recommend using your own photographs or original artwork.

What gives? The picture that I have of my dog Woofy would look so good on a black shirt, but all I see are white shirts...

In order to maintain color quality for the digital transfer, right now we are only printing these on white shirts. But don't worry - we offer basic white t-shirts AND a variety of ringer tees and jerseys that have different colored sleeves... to really bring out the red in old Woofy's eyes.