What's going on? I don't understand how to do this, and that feels weird.

Hey, don’t worry! – it really is as easy as ordering a sandwich.
•    First, you will need to decide if you want your shirt to use either custom lettering or your own delicious image.
•    Then, choose who you are shopping for: men, women, kids, babies, or dogs. After you do that, then you will be able to choose which style and color of shirt will look the best on Franky, Kathy, Junior, Baby Sam, or Sparky, respectively.
•    Choose your shirt size – Don’t Forget – THEY RUN SMALL!
•    Now the fun really starts – decide on a font and enter that special message that will propel your shirt straight to the top of the “Best Gift Ever” list.
•    Click PLACE YOUR ORDER, and from there you will be able to enter your secure credit card information and shipping requirements.

I'm pretty excited about my ||Mrs. Ryan Gosling|| shirt - when will I be wearing it?

We usually fill orders within two days of receiving them, and then ship by friendly, reliable UPS. Our standard is to ship Ground Shipping, which normally takes 3-5 days, but can vary depending on your location. If you want to be sure of an arrival date, PLEASE order in advance, and choose a prioritized shipping method at Checkout. If we run into any sort of unexpected delay we will let you know as soon as possible, and work out a way to fix it.

I think that I made a mistake and spelled my husband's name wrong - what can I do?

We know how tricky it is to order things on the internet – if you think you made a mistake, contact us ASAP by email AND phone and we’ll see if we can stop the presses. However, we make the shirts exactly as they are ordered – please review your order very carefully, or you may be stuck with “I LOVE STPHEN”.

My best friend Roger went to the T-Shirt Deli and he said you could get a sweet decal on your shirt - he wouldn't lie to me, would he?

We love the internet, but there are still a few things that we choose to do ONLY in our store. If you come visit us, you can not only choose from a wide variety of decals, add hearts, mix fonts, and print on both sides of your shirt, but EVEN BETTER, you can get that genuine smell that you remember from the t-shirt stores of your youth. We thank you for understanding and embracing our online capabilities.
Thank you for NOT embracing our employees.

I want to get my brother a shirt that says ||KING OF DORKS|| - will you print ANYTHING on a shirt?

We love for you to express yourself on a t-shirt – and we really will print almost anything that you ask of us. However, we will not print any form of hate speech, offensive slander, or anything – ANYTHING – about kicking a puppy.

I want to get my boyfriend a shirt that spells out REALLY, TRULY how I feel about him. How many letters will fit on a shirt?

This question is difficult to answer, because it changes with every shirt size and font choice. A basic rule is to go by font choices: Cooper is the largest font, and will comfortably fit about 8 letters on a line. The other fonts can usually fit up to 15 or 16 letters, but keep in mind that includes spaces between words. If you are writing something quite lengthy, and you want it to be readable, we suggest using the Jiminy font.
Also, when you are ready to passionately describe your love for your boyfriend, remember that letters are $1 each – maybe he will get the message with “BABE, U R HOT”…?

I run the coolest small business/hip restaurant/non-profit in town - can I get a deal?

We try to ensure that every customer receives the same quality of product and fairness of price – whether she is ordering one shirt or fifteen. We do not offer discounts simply because we can’t give them to everyone. When we do offer discounts to everyone, we just call it a sale.

I would like to make a shirt that spells out my entire employee handbook, and that's a lot of letters. What about me - can I get a deal?

All of our letters, no matter the style or quantity or color, are $1 each. If you are spelling out something pretty lengthy, we may recommend using a custom image for $9 that you create on your computer.

What's up with the American Apparel brand - why do you use only their shirts?

American Apparel makes extremely high quality shirts that are made to work well with our letters and image transfers. In addition, the shirts are manufactured entirely in downtown Los Angeles (which is nice, but it’s no Chicago), and are available to us in a variety of contemporary styles and colors. American Apparel is committed to paying their employees a living wage, and we think that’s the most stylish choice of all.

How do I care for this tasty snack - can my mom wash and dry it?

To lengthen the life of your T-Shirt Deli tee, we recommend avoiding the dryer. However, we know that this isn’t a reasonable option for some people, so if you do put your shirt in the dryer, use low heat. Wash it with like colors. Wash it with colors you like. Don’t iron it, of course. It’s a t-shirt – that’s just unnecessary.

Where do you get all these great ideas for t-shirts?

Please browse our Idea Book, which contains pictures of shirts that we have made for other people. If nothing there sparks the imagination, try to think of inside jokes, nicknames, or special memories that might fit the bill.

I ordered my ||MAX LOVES JULIE 4-EVER|| shirt, and then she broke up with me. Can I return it, or maybe exchange it for a ||JULIE IS A HEARTLESS PLAYER|| shirt?

We are terribly sorry to hear about Julie, but we thought she was all wrong for you anyway. T-shirts, like sandwiches, are custom-made – therefore, there are no returns or exchanges permitted. If WE make a mistake we will gladly, humbly, and quickly make you a new one, of course.

After all this, you have still not answered my question - what do I do?

Please contact us here. We check our email ALL THE TIME, and will try to answer you as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. We have never heard of a t-shirt emergency. If you think that you have one that qualifies, please include your phone number in your email and we will contact you.